Frédéric Thiry

I am a very serious dreamer. I travel partly "for real" but also a lot without leaving my drawing board. My dreams come from my imagination and the tip of my pencil. And I like to use my pencil to create beautiful stories and projects. Why not yours?

 My line can be synthetic or on the contrary very detailed, it can be childish but it can also be more adult. It is regularly comic book style but not only. Its style is both recognisable and can also take different directions. In short, this line is multiple.

Illustrations ​for your project

To make your project attractive, to distinguish it from others, to clarify your message, appropriate visuals are an asset. This is the job of the illustrator!

In youth publishing or youth projects, I participate in magazines (Dauphin, Tremplin...), activity books, school books (Erasme, Averbode, Van In...), short stories (Récits-Express, Tire-Lire...), novels, comics, posters, educational files, games...

For youth or family audiences, I work with organisations such as UNICEF, the Red Cross, APAQ-W, ONE, Brussels Environment, Brussels Mobility, Ocarina (Mutualités Chrétiennes)... My drawings deal with themes such as the environment, health, safety, diversity, inclusion, gender issues...

My other references are EDF/Luminus, Elia, STIB, Media Animation, Vegras, Cliniques Saint-Luc... For Bpost and Post Luxembourg, I created about twenty post stamps.​

In short, whether in communications or publishing, I am ready!

In parallel to these commissioned works, I also like to express myself in a technique that is more personal to me: collage. With this technique, I tell stories in paintings that I sometimes exhibit near my home and sometimes a little further away, like in Paris or Moscow.

With paper as my raw material, I create paintings that find their place on gallery walls. My series entitled Les Archives de Monsieur Plumerol explores memory through photos found at flea markets. And my other series La Petite Robe Noire has just been published by Indigo Projects.

And as a little drawing is better than a long speech, I suggest you join me on one of the following links :