Instants Instables

of Bertrand Degreef

This first précis of optional literature offers you 40 original short stories. 40 dilemmas, and as many choices to make. Decisions that, once made, will forever alter your reality.

For better or for worse.

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#unstable instants #short story collection
#optional literature #choices #dilemmas

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ISBN : 978-2-8052-0828-7

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    Cette combinaison n'existe pas.

    The choices we make every day shape our lives. From trivial, barely conscious choices to life-altering and life-ending decisions.

    Because our brains are unable to analyse all the information that might help us make the right choice, and because it is equally impossible to consider all the positive or negative consequences that this choice implies, every decision becomes relative and arbitrary. There is no right or wrong choice.

    The possibilities are infinite. The grey matter is defined.

    But, whatever the context of the choice, the fraction of a second in which 100,000 billion neurons choose one option or the other will be decisive. There will be a before. And an after. Neither better nor worse. Neither more beautiful nor more ugly. Simply a reality. The only one.

    Once the choice has been made, the alternative is immediately eradicated. There is no turning back.

    The unstable moment has passed.

    • Author : Bertrand Degreef​
    • Language : French
    • Publisher : Bertrand Degreef
    • Cathegory : Short stories
    • Size : 11 x 18
    • Number of pages : 244 pages B/W
    • Binding : Soft cover - PUR
    • ISBN : 978-2-8052-0828-7
    About the authors

    Bertrand Degreef has been writing for over 20 years. For work, for pleasure. To earn a living, to tell stories, to have adventures and to invite his readers to go elsewhere. Today, he teaches advertising

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