C'est qui le chef?


The recipe booklet to your taste!
A fully modular tool, a guide filled with practical advice, a collection of your most successful meals!

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ISBN : 978-2-9600652-0-6

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    Do you dream of a cooking book that reflects you? C'est qui le chef? is made for you. Organise your recipes, add your discoveries. Modify it as you wish. More than a hundred recipes grouped into 13 categories, a host of tips and tricks, but also blank pages to add your own recipes and discoveries, your photos and your good addresses. Thanks to the ring binding you can move the pages wherever you want. This book is yours, season it to your taste! Two possible covers!

    • Author : collective book
    • Language : French
    • Publisher : Garlic Editions
    • Category : cooking - hobby
    • Format : 16x24
    • Nr of pages : 250 coloured
    • Binding : Atoma - Adoc
    • ISBN : 978-2-9600652-0-6
    About the authors

    This cookbook is a collective work, concept, recipes and text by the Huvelle family, illustrations by Philippe De Kemmeter, layout by Marc Dausimont