By Alison Mooney

Alison Mooney takes us on a journey in search of balance - in mind, in body, in soul.

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#balance #mind #body #soul #grief #healing #Alison Mooney

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ISBN : 978-2-931-2060-03

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    Her collection is constructed as a triptych, where poems of mourning are set against poems of salvation, suspended in equilibrium.


    • Author : Alison Mooney
    • Language : Multilingual
    • Publisher : Indigo Projects
    • Category : Poetry
    • Size : A5
    • Number of pages : 152
    • Binding : Soft Cover
    • ISBN : 978-2-931-2060-03
    About the author

    Alison Mooney won the 2020 Cicero Speechwriter prize for best motivational speech, from the Professional Speechwriters Association.

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