Why choose for Indigo Projects?

  • Our state-of-the-art technology and know-how guarantee excellent book quality
  • Combine black/white and colour pages to give your book a boost by paying for each page at its respective rate! !
  • formats: although we offer standard formats, you can also choose your own format within the limits of our machine. Do not hesitate to contact us !
  • Once again, our high-performance equipment allows us to offer particularly attractive prices on black/white pages but especially on colour pages. And you only pay for colour on these pages !
  • You are assured to recover your investments with your book sales
  • Our volume discounts are significant, do the math!
  • With us, you keep all your rights!
  • No exclusivity agreement, on the contrary, working with us  means being introduced to our network of publishers
  • We accompany you throughout the process  
  • We arrange the ISBN and registration of your book for you

Déjà avec nos services gratuits, vous arriverez à sortir votre livre sans aucun problème. Les options payantes vous assistent pour les tâches que vous préférez déléguer. Voir ici les différentes possibilités.

For all authors, the challenge is to make their book stand out. How do you get noticed in the mass of existing books? Our experience tells us that you have to work on several fronts :

  • activate your network: word of mouth is the best vector. We create a page for your book, the link to which can be shared on your networks
  • make it easy to find your book via keywords searches: we provide you with a space that allows you to find your book via keywords that you communicate to us.  
  • cross languages access: your book may be of interest to a reader who is interested in the theme of your book but will not find it in his or her language. Our translation of the keywords into three languages facilitates access to your book. It's up to you to see how you can get along with them !
Ecology :

Nous tenons absolument à ce que nos ouvrages respectent des normes écologiques les plus strictes. Vous trouverez plus de détails sur notre approche ici.